Monday 16 August 2021

Phumo Sectional Issues

After a few reports of the sectional not showing up, I am labelling at as requiring Dream Home Decorator to function. 

I usually test basegame compatibility by disabling packs with usually doesn’t fail me, but in this case it has. So i apologise to those affected, unfortunately I just didn’t have the optimum was to test this particular item. 

For the moment the seating will remain DHD-dependent as it would need to be completely remade using alistu’s basegame cloning object. Right now with limited time that’s not an option for me, but if I get some I will see what I can do. 

Saturday 14 August 2021

Phumo Seating - Sectional Sofa and Chaise

After Dream Home Decorator came out I knew that everyone who asked me to make a sectional would come knocking on my door saying "you said you would make a sectional if Maxis made one!" I am a man of my word and this is my first proper sectional utilising the new system. I will do more, but I will not solely make these as I still prefer the traditional seating and it's proportions. So don't expect a lot of these from me, there are some drawbacks and they require a different, more time-consuming process to ensure they look 'right' to me. It's nice to have another option though, and opens up more possibilities in the future.