Saturday 26 October 2019

Quintin Kitchen - Stylish Modern Design

Well I was in a kitchen mood. This came about quite quickly after I finished Essa because there was a few things I wanted to experiment with, like more Maxis shading/highlighting, a new wood texture and playing around with the fridge nooks to see if i could get cats to not use the fridge while placed (still not sure on the last one, bit tricky to test). My favourite part is definitely the pantry design on this kitchen with the 3 panels. The caged pendant is also a favourite amongst the many designs I have already made. You really cannot have too many kitchens and this is yet another that will go into my rotation.

Saturday 19 October 2019

The Other Side - New Skin Colours for TS4

Today I bring you an experiment that came about from the selection of skin colours available in TS4. There is a serious lack of dark skin colours, and the light ones have left a lot to be desired. After a bit of research, diving into the clientfullbuild files, lots of backwards and forwards into the game for testing, hex editing to edit the colour swatches because s4pe threw errors, I finally came up with the lightside and darkside skintones. I could not be more happy with my first, and possibly last foray into the world of TS4 skins. I came away knowing more about the game and some awesome new colours that don't look jaundice or ashy.

Saturday 12 October 2019

Gwendoline Sofa Suite - Classic Scroll Arm Style

What would this blog be without sofas? How would i cope if I couldn't make them? Luckily, i will never find out because I made another set LOL! This is on the classic side because I always need more options in this style range for townhouses and alike. The scroll are is probably one of the most classic looks, and combining it with the recess is just so elegant to me. Because of the style, these are also a bit higher then usual, so it is advised to use in moderation.

Saturday 5 October 2019

Seasons Buidmode Expanded - 40 New items (and 2 fixes)

This has been a long time coming, and for good reason: this was a lot of work. Much like C+D buildmode addon, there was a lot to work with to start with which meant a lot of possibilities. I was also not that keen on doing it originally since the windows are almost exactly like the C+D versions with slight modifications. I have grown to appreciate the differences and wanted them in additional variations and sizes. Since I mainly work with medium height ground floor I needed items more in proportion to that size and some more options on the smaller side. I definitely think I will be using this set more now I have other options.