Saturday 30 January 2021

Paranormal Promenade - Two Houses for the Paranormal Stuff Pack

I had so much fun testing out the Paranormal Stuff Pack when I was granted early access thanks to the Gamechangers program. So much fun, I built 2 houses for it! The first, Hawthorne House, I used to playtest the pack. The other was inspired by the Painting, Temperance Manor. Both houses only use Basegame and the stuff pack for ease and not tagged as modded. To me they fit great in Willow Creek, but can be placed elsewhere too. Hopefully people enjoy them as much as I did building them.

Saturday 23 January 2021

Baker Seating - A Cosmoluxe Sofa Set

Another upload, another sofa set. This style is a bit different then what I usually do. It was adapted from a modern take on a camel back but I preferred it with a flat back. The bolster pillows (not separate) add a bit of panache that would have made an otherwise boring design, something a bit more classy. I definitely see these being right at home in a high end apartment, or a sprawling country manor. 

Saturday 2 January 2021

Country Crafter - Nifty Knitting-Inspired Buildmode Set

A brand new year, and a brand new set of buildmode items to share. Nifty Knitting was one of the more enjoyable SPs to come out in recent memory, and also a treasure trove of content ripe for expansion. I started this while working on the Buymode Addon but was set back when I decided to add more colours to the set which required me remaking all the package files and generating all the new textures. But it's done now and I think it helps fill the void for those looking for a more classic but simple window set who don't have the similar Quaint Cottage Set I made for Get Famous. This will work outside of the Pack and stands on it's own as a great versatile set. I also went overboard with the number of door variations, but I don't care LOL