Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Texture Pattern Set 01

I have had these sitting in my game about a week and a half waiting for me to sort through them and tweak if needed. Well I finally got around to it (and because I have ocd, these need to be released first). The set contains mostly masonry patterns, with the majority of those being painted or plastered brick textures. I love painted brick so I made more for my game. My favourite pattern i have ever made is my painted brick, but you can never have too much variety (you can find my other painted brick patterns here). The other patterns are brick and wood textures. They are all fully recolourable and have 2 palettes you can change. The woods are found under wood and the masonry under the masonry category. It's not like I needed to tell you, but I rather state the obvious. I have included the package and sim3pack files along with the preview pictures. So all you need to do choose the method of installation and delete the patterns you don't want if there are any. I hope you enjoy the patterns as much as me :)