Sunday, 9 June 2013

Natural Grasscloth Pattern

Well I kind of have a backlog of patterns i have been meaning to share, not really sets but just patterns I have wanted in game so I made them, some more difficult then others to make. These include 3 abstract and 1 weave and wicker pattern. I have decided to put them in separate posts just to make it easier and satisfy my OCD. This is one of the more difficult patterns i have made, grasscloth.

I just want to say, don't come complaining that the pattern is not seamless looking horizontally, as this is how grasscloth comes naturally, not the synthetic stuff that is out there. It is fully recolourable (unlike a lot of patterns that have popped up as of late which makes them near on impossible to use) so it should offer you some variety.

Here is some recolours (which i hope illustrate my point) but there is many combos out there, but i have to say natural colours look best.

Well hope you find some use for this, as i love the pattern which gives some great texture to a room.

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