Sunday, 9 June 2013

Custom Wainscoting Wall Set

Custom wall set? CC? Yes I have been experimenting with custom walls for my game (so many issues but lucky i found a really good tutorial here) and have decided to share them with you all. The set is made up of 4 walls (see pictures) and are all found in the paneling category. I am only putting up mediafire links right now, but if alternate links are needed, leave a comment and i will try and hunt down my 4shared password or put them on Dropbox.

Pictures of the set individually:

No Panels:
Cost: $4
2 colourable channels

Chair Rail-Height
Cost: $6
4 colourable channels

Picture Rail Height:
Cost: $6
4 colourable channels

Full Height:
Cost: $6
3 colourable channels

I have a few more sets coming up that i need to fix by putting in specular layers (so i don't get a stupid red glow from them) which i have done because not many people make walls and i have specific ideas of what i want. So if you get some use out of these walls like i have, it has all been worth the hair pulling and going back and forth between TSRW and the game.


  1. We've never had anything like this before! Thank you so much!

  2. This is exactly what I want to do in my home, how do I find these wall boards?

    1. If you are talking in The Sims 3, then they are in the paneling category of Build mode. If you mean IRL then talk to someone who specializes in home renovations. There are also some awesome magazines and books out there that will help you.