Saturday, 5 June 2021

Oasis Riad

I had a lot of fun with the new Courtyard Oasis Kit, and decided to upload the house that eventuated from that fun. I started with the courtyard and worked out, so it's not a perfect shape or layout, but I think it works pretty well when I chose aesthetics over function. Had a lot of issues with the known stair bug where open foyers caused the stairs not to work, but tested a workaround which I hope works for all you like it did my tester. If the stairs don't work for you, let me know. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the small upload this week. 
This lot features:
  • price: $275,933
  • lot size: 30x40
  • 4 bedroom4
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Furnished
  • required packs on cover image
Required Custom Content:
  • Nothing required, I do use some default replacements but not mandatory. 
You can find the house on the gallery under my origin ID: peacemaker_ic. Be sure to turn on "custom content" filtering in advanced options.

Alternatively, you can download from either of the below links. To install extract the archive using WINZip/WinRAR/7Zip for PC or Unarchiver for Mac to your Tray Folder in your Sims 4 Documents Folder Directory. If you are having issues check out my Installing Content help page.


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