Saturday, 11 June 2016

Looker Window Addons

I was waiting for Dine Out to come and decided to start building my restaurant in anticipation. I really love the looker windows that came with the base-game, but only being in 2 tile meant they had limited use. So since we can now make windows easily with S4S, I went about making some size variants to give a bit more choice, and this is the final result.

These windows have both a standard and diagonal wall mesh, and both have been edited for the new sizes. Maxis also priced the tall wall variations weirdly compared to the other 2 sizes, so I just went with it despite it being odd for the sake of consistency. I have also included a default replacement for the short 2 tile window since Maxis botched the cutout and you could see the wall within the frame.


  • 11/06/2016 - Maxis added a new style to some build mode items including the standard looker windows, so I have updated these addons to include this new option. Please redownload if you wish to have it. 
  • 21/06/2019 - Cutouts did not abide by DDS image ratio rules and have been updated for 3 tile variants


  • basegame compatible
  • 9 original colour options
  • costs:
    - 1 Tile short/medium/tall: $244/$304/$29
    - 3 Tile short/medium/tall: $246/$306/$31
  • custom thumbnails
  • found in respective wall height door section of build mode
  • Polycount:
    - 1 Tile short standard/diagonal: 180/200
    - 1 Tile medium standard/diagonal: 192/180
    - 1 Tile tall standard/diagonal: 256/256
    - 3 Tile short standard/diagonal: 280/280
    - 3 Tile medium standard/diagonal: 272/384
    - 3 Tile tall standard/diagonal: 360/472
The archive contains the package file and style image inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or winZIP and drop the package file in your mods folder and look for it in-game. 


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