Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Chenin Blanc Nectary: From Hillcrest Cove

First off, this is am upload. Secondly, it is indeed from my world but i am sharing this one individually as it is for the Versailles project currently running at The Simmers Society. Its a wonderful idea and i am so happy i could be a part of it.
So this is my first ever nectary so be kind. I hope i included everything but i might not have. i got the basics there so i hope that matters the most. It is grand and classic at the same time so should fit well in a country town or even in the World Adventures holiday destination

here are some pictures

well i hope you like my little contribution to the commercial lots out in the sims world. it will take pride of place in my farming district and has already seen some action from the locals. hopefully it is a hit. 

if you are interested in the Versailles project check here


  1. Gorgeous a s always and love the cute little Gazebo and urn :D <3

  2. Very impressive. Love the grand staircase and the little alfresco corner, also the nod to parterre garden design.

  3. This is all so beautiful -- the building and the gardens!

    I'd like to ask your permission to refurbish it -- my Sim Catherine Mortinné, the French successful writer, is looking for a place to live in the French countryside, where she can peacefully write her novels, and this might just be it!! Could I please use it in my story?

    I'm writing a blog where she is a character, and there I'd leave a note saying "she bought the Chenin Blanc Nectary and converted it into her home" and a link to your original creation here.

    If you'd like to check my story: http://azsims3.blogspot.com.br/

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. I don't see any issues with that if you give credit :)

    2. Thank you!

      It will take a long time until I reach that point of the story where the screenshots of your Nectary converted into Catherine's home actually appear in "the last canvas"...

      But I mention it already in her biography:



  4. Wow your work is absolutely gorgeous thank you for sharing with us! :)