Monday, 18 April 2011

WIP: Welcome to Hillcrest Cove

Edit: For those coming from MS3B, there is no download for this world as it is a Work In Progress. Any comments regarding a download link i will not be published especially those who feel the need to write in caps. thank you for your time

I have never really had CAW work well on my computer but since i reinstalled all my games after my DVD drive was replaced, CAW has been acting normally and i was able to export a world i had started about 8 months ago. it is still very much a work in progress, but i hope you enjoy these little snippets as i progress. Mostt have been shown on The Simmers Society but due to host issues, the site is getting moved and i still want to update you all on my work.

first of all i started a colour lovers account to share palettes for projects so check if you would like to see some of the colours i use regularly.

Secondly, for those unfamiliar with my project, here is a little recap:

Hillcrest Cove is an expansive world. It contains 8 districts:
- City centre
- Downtown
- Business District
- West Beach
- Farming District
- Family District
- Jelly Palm Bay
- cemetery (because who wants to live next to one?)

Cemetery District:

Hillcrest Hill:

Town Centre:

Jelly Palm Bay:

City Beach:

West Beach:

East Beach Point (farming District)

So thats the world. I will de dedicating posts to specific areas of the world so keep an eye out :)


  1. Woah, and I thought mine was taking a long time, this must be taking you an age Peacy! It's looking beautiful and has your usual amazing eye for detail :D

  2. downloading??its a wonderful world:-)

  3. wow! just awesome! great work! I can't wait to have it on my game! just amazing!

  4. Beautiful!
    I love the Tree Grove in the last picture. :)

  5. can i download it??

  6. it's the most beautiful world i've EVER seen
    but i only have late night ep. any hope for me?
    keep up with the great word :)

  7. unfortunately i am using all Ep's and SP's for this to make up for the fact that no store content is being used.
    as for completion i hope to have it done in 3 months as my uni study does take priority

  8. Big compliment! Beautiful World :-)

  9. i really can't wait to get this world its so beautiful!

  10. ok, then :(
    anyway... still the best world

    ps: work*

  11. Wow! Very cool!! I haven't attempted to use CAW yet...maybe it's time I check it out! Great job! :)

  12. this is gorgeous, i am kinda sad to see it wasn't ready for downloading but if it looks this good now, its going to be amazing when its finished :D looking forward to playing with it someday!

  13. It looks lovely, I'm saving space on my PC for its release. I hope there is room to add lots for all my other sims homes.

  14. I absolute love this world! It's going to be just awesome when finished! I wish I had ideas like that... Are all the houses you uploaded after this post part of that world?

  15. when ther is a download??

  16. I want to download please!

  17. Can you post a bird eye picture that we'll see how it looks in game?


  19. Hey did You finish this world? :D Is it for download ? :3 I want it so badly :O

    1. No, it got abandoned when EA kept adding so many new lots which HCC never had the room for. I have a WIP version, and will see about getting it up for those that want it, but not sure when I will have time will all my current projects

  20. Ugh, well anyway I got eye on ur blog :D