Monday, 20 December 2010

Tuscan Charm: Morellino Town House

hello all,

today i bring you Morellino Town House, a 3 house lot with the central building acting as the primary residence. With the new tools added with Late Night i thought i would see how easy it would be to actually make a functional townhouse and it is indeed quite easy!

This house is designed for the active sim that does not need a large outdoor area. It is spread over 4 floors with elevators acting as the go-between. it is very functional in this respect even with the lag of the elevators.

Download @ The Sims 3 Exchange

Download @ 4Shared

Whats Inside:

- 3 bedrooms
- 5 bathrooms
- open plan living/eating area
- single garage
- study
- gym
- music room
- small outdoor area


for more pictures click here


Furnished: $180,166
Unfurnished: $26,569


This is a 40x30 lot that is level and no discerning features. It can be placed anywhere where the same sized lot is located.

Expansion/Stuff Packs:

- World Adventures
- Ambitions
- Late Night

Store Content: 

This lot does use store content for the simple reason is EA has yet to give us expansion or stuff pack items in this theme. Items from the following sets have been used

- bayside (bath)
- Hacienda Luxury
- Sun Surf and Sand (chest of drawers)
- Morocco Mystique

Custom Content:

No third party custom content has been used in this build. all items, patterns ect. comes from updates, expansion or base game origins. 

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the growing list of apartments available for your sims. i really enjoyed making this build as it was mostly build not decorate. i may very well bring you more in the future but time well tell.

stay safe of the holiday season and see you all soon :)  

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