Sunday, 12 December 2010

Georgian Townhouse: The epitome of Opulence

The Georgian architecture style was very much ahead of its time in my opinion. It mixed simple symmetrical design with light, bright open spaces to create a style that was as far away from Victorian architecture as a dog is from a cat. I guess this is why i love it as much as modern architecture, it mixes old world style with minimal design elements creating a timeless design. This build i am bringing you today is a Georgian Townhouse, something i have wanted to build and due to Ambitions and new sets available from the store it has become possible.

What’s Inside:

First Floor
-formal living room
-informal living room
-cloak room
-formal dining room
-large kitchen and breakfast nook

Second Floor
-3 bedrooms
-2 powder rooms
-drawing room
-4 bathrooms
- outdoor spa and balcony

Third Floor
-play room
-2 double children’s bedrooms
-powder room
-2 bathrooms
-sunbathing balcony
Fourth Floor
-Music room
-guest bedroom
-1 bathroom
-collectables room

Well i did say it was opulent!



Furnished: $527,837
Unfurnished: $247,933


This is a 20x40 lot so you can either place it on a 30x40 lot or go into edit town mode and place a 20x40 lot then place the townhouse on the newly located destination.

Expansion/Stuff Packs:

-World Adventures
-Late Night
-Fast Lane 

Store Content:

the house does use an extensive amount of store content. if you don't like this then don't download as i build for myself primarily and share when i get the look i want. items from these sets have been used but as always check the list at the sims 3 exchange link.

- Sun Surf and Sand
- Bayside
- Regal Living
- Renault Twizy pack (k2 ivy)
- Hacienda Luxury
- Glitter and Glam
- Romanza Ceremony
- Provence
- Indulgent Living
- Club Vaindenburger (bookcase only)
- Storybook (vase)

Custom Content:

There is no custom content in this build :) 

Well i don’t expect this to be everyone’s taste due to the size and price as well as the large amount of store contnet but it was a goal to build and i enjoyed it. I have always wanted to build a townhouse like this and it takes pride of place in my neighbourhood. To those who dl i hope you enjoy the home too :)


  1. Beautiful!
    You are truly inspiring!

  2. Stunning, Elegant and classy!

  3. I have a tear in my eye. I love homes like this and yours is just so beautiful. I wish I lived in something like this.

  4. O.O

    This is simply amazing. I could never create something this gorgeous.

    Great job! :D

  5. Your homes are all seriously amazing. This is one of my favorites! Thanks so much for continuing to share your talent with the community.