Wednesday 23 January 2013

Kingston Plantation

Hello all, sorry for the long delay in posting new lots, i really like procrastinating when it comes to my blog :P
Well here is my newish build which was completed on the weekend. Designed in Sunlit Tides (SLT), it is a classic home in the style of old plantation estates to give a little class to the island. It however can be placed anywhere as I didn't use any SLT specific content ;)
Note that the lot is a 50x50 lot, if you care playing an older world, you may need to go into edit-town mode in order to place the appropriate sized lot. You could place it on a 60x60 and just move the fencing outwards if you need the extra space ;)

What does this lot offer?
- 4 bedrooms
- 3 1/2 bathrooms
- games room
- open plan living and dining room
- formal living room
- study
- summer house
- large pool
- garage
- spacious lot

Expansion Packs used

Stuff Packs Used

Store Content Used
- Kyoto light
- Little tyke dresser
- Bayou shutters
- Panda crib
- Ultramodern dresser by D. Kyle
- Ultramodern end table by D. Kyle
- C.U. mirror
- Oak fireplace mantel

Custom Content Used
- No custom content was used in this build

Here are some pictures of the home

Well i hope you enjoy the home as much as my legacy family did :)



  1. Love this house!! You did a wonderfull job♥

  2. This home is absolutely gorgeous, I love the pool area and the architecture is stunning.