Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Sorrento Modern

Another old WIP I have had for some time, I have updated the build with a more pleasing interior and finally got it ready to upload. This one of many old WIP's I have finally got around to finishing, and I am so happy because a lot of these I have truly loved, and I am happy I can finally share with all of you.



Peacemaker_ic's The Sorrento Modern album on Photobucket


 - 5 bedrooms
 - 4.5 bathrooms
 - outdoor entertaining area
 - 2 stories
 - open plan living
 - large kitchen
 - pool
 - hot tub

EP's Used:

SP's Used:

Store Content:

 - La-Di-Da Window by BahHaus
 - BahHaus’ Boxy Window
 - Taft Jug with Flowers
 - Kyoto Light
 - Orchid's of Many

World Content:

No world content was used for this creation

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