Saturday, 17 August 2013

Agave Sunrise

This house I have had since I started playing Lucky Palms when it came out, so its been with me a while. I love is a lot and wanted to share. Its quite large, with a little yard (a sacrifice I made to get the proportions right) but I love it and hope you do too. The planter boxes, half gable roofing and the overhangs are this signature of this house and make it stand out from the norm.



Peacemaker_ic's Agave Sunrise album on Photobucket


 - 5 bedrooms
 - 3.5 bathrooms
 - study/home office
 - open plan living and dining
 - home theatre
 - garage
 - outdoor entertaining area
 - pool

EP's Used:

SP's Used:

Store Content:

Ultra-modern Dresser by D. Kyle
Reach for the Heavens
Taza Table
BahHaus' Boxy window

World Content:

Lucky Palms: Gold Edition (with "The Lucky Simoleon Casino)


  1. Very interesting house ! Nice architecture and I appreciate you didn't use CC and the final is pretty good :D ♥

    1. the only CC i tend to use is patterns, and I always make a note of it so people are aware. I find listing cc to tedious, just easier using it on builds i never plant to upload.

  2. Really nice house. I like that the interior is elegant and still cozy. Great job. :)

    P.S. I added link to your blog on my blog. I'll be pleased, if you visit my blog (I build houses in TS3) and add my link or banner on your blog. Thanks. :)