Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Blackburn A-frame

I made this house a while ago when I completed another A-frame I have made, but I could never get it to upload, probably due to patterns. Anyway, here it is now with a slight freshen-up and no cc patterns. Still looks good and rustic, and looks great in Hidden Springs or anywhere you want.



Peacemaker_ic's The Blackburn A Frame album on Photobucket


 - 2 bedrooms
 - 2 bathrooms
 - open-plan living
 - formal sitting area
 - alfresco area

EP's Used:

SP's Used:

Store Content:

World Content:

 - no world content was used in this creation


  1. It's amazing! Beautiful and elegant interior. :)

  2. how you do that the walls are half bent, this is a patch? (sorry for the errors, i'm french and i use google translate..)

  3. Hello Anon, the half bent walls were created using the cheat "constrainfloorelevation" which allows you to alter walls and flooring to give unique effects like you see in this build. There are plenty of tutorials out there if you are interested in learning :)

  4. Okay, thank you very much for having answered me, and the house is beautiful!

  5. do you have a special tutorial site? I can not find .. (sorry to annoy you like this, but I do my research it there's some time since I've seen your house, and I can not find anything ..)

    1. I had it up on a forum (which has since moved so I have lost it) But I still have the pictures. In a few weeks when it calms down for me (I am involved in SIFF and have some real life stuff going on) I plan on redoing them and will probably post them here on my blog too

  6. Okay, thank you!

  7. I love the Blackburn home Peacemaker everytime I visit your blog it pops out at me. Very Well Created I do say.. I would love to live there..