Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sleek Pompadour - Female to Male Hair Conversion and Edit for TS4

This is a busy weekend for sharing creations. There was my followers gift of 6 items yesterday, and now for my first TS4 CAS creation! This is actually out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted the female Pompadour hair for guys. I actually found one that was converted, but seeing it in-game, it was just too high (EA loves poofy hair). So I decided to convert it myself and edit it to be a bit lower. The process of converting shorter hairs actually requires importing into Milkshape to fix tiny issues like the back of the neck and the forehead/cheek area due to the different shape of female and male heads. So it was a little extra work, but looks awesome in my game and is one of my fave hairs now.This hair features:
  • basegame compatibility
  • comes with all 18 basegame hair colours
  • fully hat-compatible
  • comes with 10 additional hair colours 
                - Blonde: strawberry, dirty, and platinum
                - Brown: medium-dark, medium, and light
                - Misc: white, purple, green, and blue

There are 2 separate downloads for this hair, the package containing the mesh and basegame textures, and an additional package for the 10 recolours. You need the mesh file for the addon colours to work. So if you want all the colours, download both files. The archives also contain the colour preview images for reference.

Download Sleek Pompadour:

Download Addon Colours:

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