Friday, 26 September 2014

New Navigation Menus Added!

Hey my fellow simmers!

I have finished my new navigation system (since blogger really doesn't make it easy). The new menus are (hopefully) easier way of navigating my blog. Above you will find TS3 and TS4 links that are broken into items and CAS sections. The link names are hopefully self-explanatory where you will be directed to the content tagged the same way. I was considering a catalog, but that may come at a later date if i deem it necessary.
The TS4 sections will mimic TS3 but will be expanded as new content is added. You can also find my tutorials and Misc links as well as other places you can find me. I think this was the perfect way to clean up unwanted clutter and organise this place. I really wanted sub sub-menus, but I couldn't find a good code or do it myself, so this is the compromise. It does mean everything is just a hover and a click away though. If you have any problems or can't find anything let me know by leaving a comment here.


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