Saturday, 27 September 2014

Leather Jacket and Hoody - New Top for Your Guys

This was a project that has come of of my hatred of accessory jackets. I really don't like them. They clip, have horrible textures if you don't run a HQ mod and are way too baggy for me. I know many people love them, but I am not one of them. I wanted a leather jacket and hoody and because of my loathing of accessory jackets, I made this; a combo I have never seen before. The jacket is a de-outfit-ied Shotwitme Music Career jacket frankenmeshed with a Diesel hoody with new sleeves added and a bit of a texture tweak. I really love the outcome and will see this being used by all my boys (when not playing TS4).

The top features:
  • basegame compatibility
  • 4 recolourable channels (leather jacket, hoody, hood drawstrings, and hoody zipper)
  • 3 preset styles with custom thumbnails
  • found in everyday, formal, athletic and outerwear categories of CAS
This is not perfect. There is a little bit of clipping around the hands depending on the angle and movement of the hand, as well as the hoody. It is as good as it is gonna get, but you should know anyway.
The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files along with the preset preview image. Choose your preferred file tpye and you can delete the rest. I hope you enjoy. 



  1. This looks great!
    by the way, where did you get that hair? =)

    1. It is an old Cazy hair, not sure of the name though

  2. ~Amazing,I love it,thank you!(",)