Monday, 17 November 2014

Just a Public Service Annoucement

Firstly, hello fellow simmers! Thank you for reading, this contains some important information for some of you. 

For those experiencing random crashing with my TS4 clothing, whether in CAS or in-game, there is this helpful little tool created by Cmar over at MTS that should help fix it for you. Since these are isolated issues with only some users, I see no need re-releasing the items with this fix. It is easy to do yourselves with the helpful too. It basically just fixes 'missing' bone assignments which are not used. Head over to this thread to download. If you are having issues with other items, see if the tool works for those too. 

For those experiencing issues with my walls were some, if not all walls show up as a question mark. I want to apologise, but I have only recently came across the reason for this. I found it on the S4S forums:

**Testing suggests that walls which are not resized correctly will show up with question mark images in place of your new images for some players.  For this reason, wall images should be resized so they match the size of EA's wall images.**

It is due to my wall images not being scaled down to Maxis size. Unfortunately I will not be remaking my walls to Maxis sizes so they work for everyone. The reason being is it will ruin the quality of the image, especially the patterns. I cannot bring myself to do that as they would be completely unusable for me. I am not sure why the issue occurs, but my guess is it is much like the intel graphics card issues that cause CAS crashes. So hence fourth, I will put warnings on the walls. I am sorry for the inconvience and I had hoped it was an easier and less destructive solution, but because it would ruin the quality of the walls in my eyes, I will not apply the 'fix'. I hope you all understand. I guess it was a choice made to increase performance, one I wouldn't have made myself. 

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