Monday, 30 December 2013

Frankenmesh Coat and Tee

I have been a busy boy this holiday season. Along with everything I have done with my family, I have started to learn meshing. My first successful attempt was Frankensteining a SN jacket (the one with the rose) and a diesel tee together to get what you see below.

Fair warning, this is my first attempt at meshing. so it is not perfect. The main area of concern is the cuff when the wrist is at a hard angle, but I could live with it. There is also a funny shadow visible in CAS, but it is not present in game. If there is anything that is serious, feel free to message me with a picture link so I can see what it is. I have not encountered anything remotely unfavourable and that is why I am releasing it now.

On to the good stuff. There is 3 recolourable channels, the tee, the coat and the lapel. There are 4 preset styles as well as all morph states (except pregnancy which I can live without since this is a male mesh). It is located in everyday, formalwear, career and outerwear. The archive contains the sim3pack, package and preview picture. Just choose which method of installation you prefer and delete the other. This is also my 800 followers gift, so I hope you all enjoy it that little bit more. thank you to all those who find my posts interesting, I love you all long time <3



  1. Would it be possible to make this coat without the tee? I would really appreciate that!

    1. Sorry, but it wouldn't be easy or something I would do. It would involve another complete re-mesh swapping out a nude mesh for the tee then doing all the morphs and LODs. This one took long enough to make as it is. I also only make content that I would use, and that is something I have no interest in making. So unfortunately there will be no nude top with the coat.

    2. Thank you anyway for replying. :) I hope to see more cc from you!

    3. thats ok, sorry I couldn't be of help. As much as meshing is fun, its very draining. I really have to want to make something in order to have the energy to finish it.

  2. Thank you! This looks like a really nice top for men and a good first mesh. I do believe I'll enjoy it in my game.

  3. This looks really nice!