Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hillcrest Cove: A World that is Finally Finished

Yes, it is finally finished. I have lost count how many years I have spent looking at this world, sometimes in awe and sometimes with great resentment. Well it is finally finished (or at least meeting my minimum requirements for what I think finished should be). It is not perfect, the usable space is small with the landscape dictating the design of the world. However I still love it, and I hope you all do too, even if many may not forgive the time it has taken for me to overcome the relentless frustration I have experienced creating this world. Hillcrest cove is classed as a large world (2048x2048) with 112 lots, both community and residential (53 community, 59 residential), with 21 of those lots being vacant. It was named after the mound found in the centre of the map in the Hillcrest reservoir. Nestled into the rolling hills, the lush landscaping and the mixture of ash, cottonwood and chestnut livens up the scenery. This was vision of the perfect world for me and the closest I came to making it reality.

"Hillcrest Cove is a place that brings together many different types of people from rural farmers to city socialites in a setting that is both functional and awe inspiring. Whether you settle in Jelly Palm Bay, Central district or Westpoint Valley, you can enjoy the entire town and what it has to offer. With amenities for all from the Lusty Georgian maid tavern to the ominous Dragon's lair, you wont be bored here. Hillcrest Cove has been a project town for many years and is finally complete, so I hope you all come to visit this special town and what it has to offer."



This world is not perfect, and there is only so much I can test by myself. I have done the best I can with the few people who have helped me out over the period I have tested this world. I have tested it on my mid-range PC where is runs quickly on a no-cc game. Expect a loading time equal to EP worlds. For a cc game expect it to take a little longer, depending on your level of cc addiction. I am not accountable if it doesn't run on your machine. I am not EA and I don't have a bunch of different systems to test its stability. Please use your own judgement when downloading to see if the world will run on your computer.

If there are minor or major bugs feel free to tell me in the comments below. If there are a few I will do an update for them but not immediately. It will be a Mediafire/Skydrive only upload. I am more concerned about routing issues in the world, but if there is decor issues you can mention those too. They should be easy to fix yourself though.

The lots in this world are all of my creations, so my TOU applies for every lot. If you wish to use them for stories please ask or give credit. Under no circumstances do I condone re-uploading my lots to the exchange or elsewhere. Please do not extract my height map either. If you are really interested it, I will give you a copy.


Peacemaker_ic's Hillcrest Cove album on Photobucket



There are 112 lots in total, 21 of them vacant, designed to utilise expansion packs up to and including seasons. Showtime and Supernatural lots have not been included but space has been provided. The locations can be seen using the maps in the picture slideshow. Theses lots were not added simply because not everyone will have the related EP's, and to be honest, the rabbit holes are not very pretty and most of the lots are repetitive.


The style of the world can be classed as a lush landscape on the coast with lakes and estuaries. The majority of the town is on water, either fresh or salt water. The forests spread right across the town made up of cottonwood, ash and chestnut trees, with jelly palms around some of the coast, cypress in Hillcrest plains and swampy growth in Magnolia Lagoon. 


It is designed as an all-seasons world with no apparent theme. The world, as I have previously mentioned is the largest at 2048x2048. The world size is just under 100MB. This is a large world, but doe to the use of EP's and SP's, should be a relatively fast loading game on an average PC.


Due to the enormity of the list, I have placed the details on a static page so that you can view them along with the maps for the town. You can find the page here. This list includes all businesses by location, the houses and their cost, and the empty lots and their sizes. I have also outlined empty lots and what i designed to have put there from other expansions. The lot sizes are based on in-game lots so they should be easy to place.


There are no pre-made households in this world. I know how to add them, but I really cannot be bothered, it would take me another 2 years to finish it and this has already taken too long as it is. They are easy enough to add yourself, or just let the game generate some townies for you.

Careers (Requiring Rabbit holes):

The list of full-time careers include:
 - Athletic
 - Business
 - Criminal
 - Culinary
 - Education
 - Fashion
 - Firefighter
 - Journalism
 - Law Enforcement
 - Medicine
 - Military
 - Music
 - Politics
 - Science

List of part-time careers:
 - Bookstore clerk
 - Film
 - Grocery store clerk
 - Mausoleum clerk
 - Receptionist
 - Spa specialist
 - Test subject

Island Paradise, Supernatural and Showtime careers involve the placement of the required rabbit holes which have been supplied as empty lots. All self-employed careers should be available as well.

Expansion Packs:

Stuff Packs:

Store Content:

- No store content was used in this world

World Content:

 - No world content was used


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Peacy! What a marvel to behold :D

  2. Hillcrest Cove looks beautiful! :)

  3. This world is so beautiful! Good job! ^w^
    I don't have any stuff pack, will the world work in my game anyway? :/

    1. The way EA has everything set up, I honestly don't know. The best outcome is that the stuff pack content would be replaced, worst case is it doesn't install. I am really not sure

  4. beautiful world seems a little piece of paradise on earth, congratulations

  5. beautiful world seems a little piece of paradise on earth, congratulations

  6. Amazing work! OMG 2 years? Wow and many thanks!!! =)

  7. Beautiful! I'm trying it out right now. :D

  8. Hello, i love this world but he have a problem; when i move in a house, the house dosn't belong to me. I explain ; i moved in a house free and a man appear from nowhere and say me that I have inappropriate behavior and that if I continue like this he would ask me to leave. A few moment later, my sim call a taxis to return home and she going in a house that i didn"t buy and when I ask her to go home she goes to another different place. So you can help me ? There are no inhabitants in the city (it's too bad) and i spend my time to filling it. Sorry for my bad english(i'm french) but i hope you understand me, thanks you

    1. I am not sure what is happening there. Perhaps try searching for a similar issue? I unfortunately don't have a solution and I no longer play TS3.

  9. One of my favorite worlds! It's like living in PeacyLand!