Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ashgrovia - A Queenslander

This is a more recent build i have created, based on the queenslander house style found here in Australia. With the pillar foundation and latticework, it its as close to the real deal I can make in TS3. This is based on a legacy house I made when the Pets EP came out but I built it on a smaller lot and re-jigged the layout. The lot is 30x40 and no cc was used in its creation. 



Peacemaker_ic's Ashgrovia album on Photobucket


 - 3 bedrooms
 - 2 bathrooms
 - Separate living room
 - Open plan kitchen/dining
 - Vegetable patch
 - Outdoor entertaining space

EP's Used:

SP's Used:

Store Content:

World Content:

 - No world content was used