Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Like My Briefs? Low Rise Jeans

Today I have another set of pants for you. I liked the low rise jeans that we got from EA, however I hated the texture and I prefer bootleg cut. So what did I do? I changed the mesh at the bottom and tweaked the texture. Now this pair of jeans look awesome and I couldn't be happier. I got a little cheeky with the name too, but I think is suits the overhaul I have given to these pants.

These pants feature:
  • Basegame compatiblity
  • 3 recolourable channels (base colour, distressed areas, and briefs)
  • 3 presets with custom thumbnails
  • Found in everyday, formalwear and outerwear categories of CAS

The archive contains both the sim3pack and the package file along with the preview picture. Just select which method of installation you prefer and delete the rest.


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