Wednesday, 23 April 2014

For the Union: Regular Fit Jeans

New stuff! It is time for new stuff! This week I bring you another set of pants. I really do love these, especially the buckle. They are a set of regular-fit jeans made from a UL and Diesel mesh. The UL calculating pants really bugged me when they didn't fit properly over shoes, so this project was done to rectify that issue. Once I found the buckle, it took on a life of their own. Now they are a set of my go-to jeans in-game.
These pants:

  • are base-game compatible
  • have 2 recolourable channels (pants and belt)
  • have 3 preset styles with custom thumbnails
  • are found in everyday, formal, athletic and outerwear categories of CAS

There is a slight seam issue just above the buckle, a really small gap. This is present on the EA mesh too, and after trying numerous methods to close it, it is still there. It is not that noticeable, and i really only noticed it this week after a few weeks being in-game, and I actually had to look at the UL jeans and they have it too. Perception check fail. Anyway, it really only noticable with a nude top, so that's probably not gonna happen too often. I just like to inform all of you of these issues just so you all know.

The archive contains the sim3pack and package files along with the preset preview image. Choose which file type you prefer and delete the rest. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)


Mediafire | Onedrive


  1. I really like the red hue. Thanks so much!

  2. Hallo,
    thank you very much for the new Jeans. I like your work. I have some clothes for men in my game.