Saturday, 6 July 2013

PC Board Shorts - first retexture and clothing upload

Well I have decided to share these board short retextures I created. Please be aware, they are the first retexture I have done. I based them off the IP mesh, but was able to make them base game so you don't need IP to have these shorts. I made them because I wanted a bit more variety and I think I have created that with these shorts. All 3 styles have 4 channels, the legs have 2, the belt area and cord. I have supplied both a package and sim3pack file depending on you method of installation in the archive file. There is also custom CAS thumbnails because I still have no idea why the game generated thumbnails were all the same.

Download zipped archive @ Mediafire

Note: it has come to my attention that the shorts may appear as designed in CAS but appear white in game. I need to figure out what is causing this (since they are fine in my game) but I have left the link up. If you experience problems, post in the comments section as this should help me figure out what is wrong


  1. These look amazing. Thanks soo much for posting. :)

  2. Thank you, these are great!!

  3. Love the board shorts PC!They look fantastic!

  4. Love these shorts! Where can I find that tattoo as well?

    1. They are found here, but you need the mod for them to work, which the creators talks about in the link :)