Thursday, 21 April 2011

A CAW Project: The very elegant Laundromat

well i can't seem to make grungy locations so for those wishing for a dirty laundromat have come to the wrong town :P
the story behind this building is as follows. in the early development of Hillcrest Cove, the center of town was populated by townhouses. as urban sprawl took hold of the region, people moved out of the centre of town leaving the lovely townhouses to fall into disrepair. an initiative was put in place to reclaim these buildings for public use and thus the very elegant laundromat came to life. only the first floor is accessible in this 4 story building but what is there is a wonderful place to enjoy cleaning your clothes, a chore not many people like. so enough background here it is

i still have to play with the lighting but other then that i think its done. also this is the first laundromat i have made. if there is something that is missing please tell me, i am still new to building community lots :)


  1. Who knew laundry could be so elegant? ;) Awesome job, Peacy!

  2. Yes really amazing job! makes me want to have a place like that to do my rl laundry in! can't wait to see more!