Saturday, 12 September 2020

Urbane Kitchen


I am a glutton for punishment, and making another kitchen is testament to that. However, I really love the simple Scandinavian design and had to have it in my game. With a simple pull-drawer design, it will be very versatile without being overtly modern. I have also made a set-only sink for this kitchen since I wanted to do an under-counter mounted farmhouse sink. I love my other countertop designs, but wanted something more inbuilt here, and love the outcome. 

What you need to know:
  • to use the black countertop version, you need the regular white countertop version in your game
The Build item/s feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 13 objects 34 colour/style options
  • colour filter compatible
  • Find using the keyword "Urbane" using my tutorial here
  • custom thumbnails
  • Price and polycount:
    • counter ($215, 274/374/374/280/315 polys)
    • island ($215, 338/450/450/194/416/457/679 polys)
    • cabinets ($175, 200/274/147/239/206/167/160 polys)
    • shelving ($125, 118/354/126/145/145/119/119 polys)
    • farmhouse sink ($230, 758 polys)
    • fridge surrounds ($255, 278 polys)
    • tubular barstool ($125, 934 polys)
    • backless tubular barstool ($100, 1182 polys)
Download from either of the below links. To install, if an archive, extract using WINZip/WinRAR/7Zip for PC or Unarchiver for Mac, and place the folder or package files in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. If you are having issues check out my Installing Content help page.


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  1. This kitchen set is everything! Thank you!

  2. Wow Im So Excited For This. Love the flat door style and cut out handle. Amazing. Thank You SM :O

  3. Oh, wow! This set is so elegant! I love it! Thank you and I hope you are having some fun with couches 🥰

  4. Thank you. This will go into my new modern house I'm working on.

  5. Thank you, this set is beautiful :D

  6. Can you make CC that is awful so I don't have to download it? lol

    This set is great as all your other CC sets. Downloading right now! Thanks!!

  7. You are one of the only creators that I download from. I absolutely love your stuff. Thank you so much for what you do for the Sims 4 Community.

  8. As always so amazing! Thanks for all of you work for us Simmers!!

  9. thank you for this wondeful set! i have piece of CC you have designed. x

  10. I have all your cc. Thank you for making my game so enjoyable.

  11. 10/10! Wow, I have no words... THANK YOU!

  12. Wonderful as usual!

  13. I check your site every time I log in to the Sims! I absolutely adore your CC!

  14. Thank you for making our rooms awesome!

  15. hello, I love your art. I use all your doors and windows in my build, so I'm not happy with ea breaking them. in my opinion they're greedy c*nts. anyhoo, could you please make more beds? with mattresses, I love your beds. also could you do eames lounge chairs and the eames elephant for children? I love mid century modern. thank you. your content makes this game worth playing. thank you so much. _Eulalie Cholmondeley

    1. Hi and thanks! I see the window update more as a necessary evil. People wanted alt-placement of windows and the current method of cutting out the wall just wouldn't work. So in the long run this change is for the better. It's just a pain in the short term.
      As for more beds, i will be sticking to separated mattresses of course, but coming up with designs for bedding itself is hit or miss so it all depends on inspiration. Lots of people have created the eames lounger too, which is a good substitute as i probably wont make one as i avoid recreating content too much (I like giving my own twist on designs).

  16. Thank you! Amazing :)

  17. Can't wait for more windows & doors.... I love your creations!

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