Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Business as Usual Dress Pants

Today I bring you a retexture of my "For the Union" jeans i did a couple of weeks ago. Tumblinrob said there were not that many dress pants options out there, so I took a look around and in-game, and he was right. Not only that, but a lot of the options in-game are quite baggy. Not wanting to do a completely new mesh, I decided to redo the jeans, and after some issues choosing a buckle, I am really happy with how they came out. It is amazing what a retexture can do to give a mesh a completely different look. These are also slimmer fit and go well with a formal or casual top.
These pants are:
  • basegame compatible
  • 3 recolourable channels (pants, belt and buckle)
  • found in everyday, formal, career and outerwear categories of CAS
  • three preset styles with custom thumbnails
As usual, the archive contains both the sims3pack and the package files along with the preset preview picture. Choose your preferred method of installation and delete the rest. I hope you enjoy :) 



  1. Nice!!!! I am adding this to my game right away!

  2. Perfect, just what I was looking for for my new male sim, thanks :)

  3. My sexy businessman will look in them just awesome, thank you very much :)