Friday, 28 February 2014

Casual Shirt and Jacket (2 styles)

Since I decided to jump in the deep end again, I took on another frankenmesh project, my second since the coat and tee a few months back. This one is a mashup of a 70/80/90's open shirt and a jacket from UL. What we now have is a casual shirt and jacket with one version with a t-shirt, and another without . I really like the end result so I hope you all do too.

A small note: due to the jacket having to be shrunken on the UV map to accommodate the shirt, the jacket has 2 recolourable channels: the arms and the torso. This was done so I could change the pattern repeat so there wasn't a pattern size difference between the arms and torso parts of the jacket. I find the jacket looks best in solid or large print patterns as smaller patterns tend to be blurry. It is just the sacrifice I had to make to have this outfit in my game. I just wanted to let you all know. Feel free to experiment.

There are 4 recolourable channels for the version with the t-shirt; 2 for the coat (so the pattern tiling could be corrected), the shirt and the tee and 3 for the version without the tee. The t-shirt version is found in everyday, sleepwear, athletic, and outerwear, while the version without the tee is found in those categories minus outwear (I sure as hell don't like a bare chest in winter and I doubt my sims do either). Each outfit has a different download since they are on separate meshes so you can choose which version you like best, or have both in your game. Each top comes with 3 preset styles and custom thumbnails. The archive contains both the sim3pack and the package files so delete the one you are not using. I have also included the preview pictures in each folder. I hope you enjoy :) 

Download Casual Shirt and Jacket with T-shirt:

Download Casual Shirt and Jacket with no T-shirt:
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  1. Oh- you just HAD to use Jeb as the shirtless model. *winks and downloads* Thank you for sharing- I like this style for my guys! <3

  2. These look great! I can't wait to try them out ingame.