Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Modern Panelling Wall Set

Today I bring you a new panelling set for exterior and interior use. I always loved the panelling that came with LN, but there were errors made on the files and I wanted more variation, so I made these. What we have here is a set of 8 walls, in large and medium sized panels, found in panelling at a cost of $5 per wall. Each wall has 2 recolourable channels. The exact walls in the set are:
  • Vertical Large
  • Vertical Medium
  • Horizontal Large Left
  • Horizontal Large Centre
  • Horizontal Large Right
  • Horizontal Medium Left
  • Horizontal Medium Centre
  • Horizontal Medium Right

The walls are described as:

"Not all panelling is meant to be seen in grand mansions. Rediscover a new, simple panelling with a contemporary feel. Try it out inside, outside, wherever you like. Re-imagined and brought into the present. Try it out for yourself"

The archive contains the preview pictures and both the sim3pack and package files. So choose your preferred method of installation and delete the rest. I hope you enjoy :)

Edit: fixed the package files so the size is more in line with sim3packs. Apparently packages exported from TSRW are larger then sim3packs. Please re-download


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