Monday, 29 November 2010

Jacob’s House: A FLW Usonian

Frank Lloyd Wright was a very influential architect where he became known for the prairie and usonian architecture styles. Usonian designs were differentiated by their flat roofs, stone/brick and wood facades with open living spaces with plenty of windows blurring the line between inside and out. Jacob’s House, which was the first in a series of Usonian styled houses, was built for Herbert Jacob, a newspaperman. This Simple house had an L shaped design and although it was straightforward to construct, it had a simple elegance, making this style famous and imitated by architects the world over.

 This creation is inspired by that house, with modifications made bringing in my own style. This style is ageless, and is easy to build in the sims world, but provides a different type of modern build from those glass boxes.

What Is Inside?

2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Sunken living room
Open kitchen and dining area
Single garage
Outdoor eating area

This house is built on a 30x40 lot. I built it on 272 Windsor Drive Bridgeport because of my revitalisation of the town but due to the standard size you are not restricted by the location


Furnished: $255,776
Unfurnished: $136,536


I originally built this lot at 272 Windsor Drive Brideport but due to its standard 30x40 lot size, it can be placed anywhere in any town you wish.

Does It Use Store Items? 

Yes it does. The house uses store content from:
- The renault car pack (planter)
- BahHaus
- Sun Surf and Sand
- Collectionne Stäncké
- Glitter and Glam Bedroom
- Ultra Lounge (1 item)
- Lunar New Year

There is 9 items in total from the store

What Expansions and Stuff Packs does the lot need?

the lot uses items from:
- World Adventures
- Ambitions
- Late Night
- Fast Lane
(note: the fast lane item is the bar stool and can be replaced with another if you don't own this stuff pack) 

Does The Lot Include CC?

Yes, it uses 1 cc rock pattern. All other items are either store or game/expansion/stuff pack related.

Well i hope you enjoy this build. it was supposed to be up yesterday but due to unforeseen RL circumstances it did not occur. i do hope you enjoy it anyway :) 


  1. STUNNING as Usual Pc!

    LOVE the kitchen an the back garden in particular :D

  2. fabulous!! looooving the yellow! :D

  3. Thanks for the great house; Bridgeport needs some excellent mansions! My legacy family lives here now. :)