Sunday, 14 November 2010

Falling Water: a dedication to the masterpiece

Today i bring you a build very close to my heart, the basis of the house built by Frank Lloyd Wright and was very much ahead of its time. That House is the Falling Water House, and i bring you my version of this beautiful build.

This lot was built following the floor plan but due to some elements not being able to translate into the game (such as the bridge) i took an artistic approach and added my own elements to the design. CAP patterns were used to give it a natural look along with forest vegetation to hide the house away from prying eyes. I designed it specifically for 302 Silverstone way, a 60x60 lot in Bridgeport due to its sloping nature which helped to create the design. It is indeed one of my greatest builds and i hope it does justice to the original.

The House itself contains:

3 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
Formal and informal lounges
Study area
Large kitchen
Music space
Spa area
6 balcony areas
Covered pergola
Plunge pool

The house itself has a second floor entry through security gates which blend well into the Fir forest and the natural elegance of the waterfall at the base of the house.


Furnished: $415,863
Unfurnished: $307,330

Custom Content:

Contains 2 CAP (create a pattern) patterns. These are the signature stone patterns seen inside and out.

Store Content:

Contains items from various sets but mainly from these sets
- Collectionne Stancke
- Sun Surf and Sand
- Glitter and Glam 

Expansion/Stuff Packs:

World Adventures
Late Night
High End Loft Stuff

Well thats it. i just wanted to add that although this may turn people off with the store items, completing this lot without it would not have done it justice and that can also be said about the use of CAP patterns. i hope you all enjoy this build as much as i do. I also hope your sims in Bridgeport are space from those pesky paparazzi


  1. Flipping Awesome PC!

    One of my absolute favourites of yours! Gorgeous both inside and out, great attention to detail

    Brilliant stuff!


  2. Just beautiful Peacy! I can't wait to check it out in game. It's definitely going in my favorites.

  3. thankyou evie. that means so much coming from you :)

  4. This is an amazing house 10/10

  5. Oh wow, it's gorgeous! <3 Love it lol. Big fan of Frank Loyd Wright (wanna be an architect) and I just about fell off my chair when I saw this.

  6. thank you all. i am so happy you all like it :D

  7. ArchitectureLover1 February 2011 at 23:19

    Man, you're INCREDIBLE! This is EXTRAORDINARY WORK!! I fuc*ing love it!! :D