Sunday, 21 November 2010

Cherrywood House: A Little Bit of the Old, A Little Bit of The New

Hello all.

Today i bring you another house, smaller in scale but hopefully still well executed. Cherrywood House is inspired by Penfield House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Note: I forgot to put in the exact address of this build in bridgeport for the dl'ers. it is a 44x34 lot (silly i know) and if placed in bridgeport should go at 64 Applewood Lane in the Celebrity Neighbourhood up near the retreat community lot. you can place it on a larger lot too

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Download @ 4Shared

It has a touch of Asian influence with Cherrywood being a dominant theme along with sunken living and dining areas as well as plenty of glass to allow natural light into the structure. Its open to nature with inner gardens extending beyond the house's walls helping to blur the line between inside and out. This house was not destined to be an exact replica of Penfield house, but was the inspiration and supplied the theme for the interior. I added my own spin on the build giving it my own style along the way.

What Does it Have?

- single garage
- formal living room
- informal sunken lounge
- open plan kitchen/diner
- sunken formal dining room
- 2 bathrooms
- 2 double bedrooms
- balcony
- spa area
- pool
- security gate and fencing


Peacemaker_ic's Cherrywood House album on Photobucket

Does it Use Custom Content?

Yes. it uses CAP patterns. They include the cherry wood patterns in vertical and horizontal orientations. There should only be 3 present including a stone CAP pattern.

Does It Use Store Content?

Yes. The House Uses Items from:
- Asian Fusion (dining room, wall feature and orchid)
- Zen Again (plants, bath and chest of drawers
- Collectione Stancke (fireplace and lounger)
- Haute Hip (double window and blind)
- Ultra Lounge ( painting and orchid)

in total 15 items have been used but due to there nature can be easily replaced with game items too.

What Expansion/Stuff Packs are needed?

i have used items from the following EP's/SP's
- World Adventures
- Ambitions
- Late Night
- High End Loft Stuff
- Fast Lane

(note: the fast lane stuff pack only refers to the car seen in the pictures and is not necessary for game play)

Well ihope you all enjoy Cherrywood House. This will be my last attempt at a FLW masterpiece as they are very involved builds even if you are only taking inspiration from the design. Stay safe and happy simming :)


  1. What size lot is this please? Beautiful lot by the way!! :)

  2. CeCe sorry for the late reply. the lot is 34x44 which was a lot in bridgport. if you have LN the lot can be placed at 64 Applewood Lane up in the residential area where the celebrities live :)

  3. Absolutely stunning! Sadly, I only have the base game, but I was drooling looking at it.