Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Nordshine Seating - City Living Add-on

Update 01/02/2017: Updated for toddlers by updating rigging. I have also changed bech seat so it works as a loveseat now so sims don't sit through the armrests. Also fixed issue where sims could only use 2 of the 3 seats for the 3 seat sofa. 
With The addition of the new EP, there was quite a few items that were nice........... but needed more variations and style additions. One of those sets was the NordShine Single and Double, an armchair and love seat respectively. They had a solid design, some nice colours, but as usual, there was no 'full set' of seating which does limit its usability. Well I went about fixing that with this add-on set where I not only added some more colours, but also 3 other seating options: a symmetrical love seat, 3 seat sofa, and a bench seat. This brings the total number in this set from 2 to 5. Very much an improvement.

Due to the length of these posts and for ease of updating, you can find the download and info under the cut.

Information you need to know:

  • The add-on colours are found under the original catalogue entries for single and double variants. Due to glitch however, the grey colour I added becomes the first swatch style instead of the original dark grey. No idea why and i tried to fix it to no avail. It is what it is but still easy enough to find. 
  • The add-on colours are completely optional. They are are a separate download for those that wish to have them
  • With the bench seat, sims will sit on the ends. I can't seem to get around this and it will need custom tuning. So just be aware it can happen. Once i figure out how to properly remove them without creating a script error, i will update. They generally sit on the front of the seat anyway.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • Requires City Living Expansion Pack
  • non-default
  • 3 new meshes plus 13 new colours (ontop of original 11 colours) for each style including the originals
  • find items easily using phrase "Nordshine" in search bar (try this tutorial to easily find my sets)
  • custom thumbnails
  • Pricing  and polycount  for new meshes as follows:
    - Triple 3 Seat Sofa  ($625, 520)
    - Symmetrical Double Love Seat  ($480, 458)
    - Quadruple Bench  ($440, 424)

CC credits:
  • All custom content, apart from the curtains (found here) is mine, so feel free to browse through my downloads to find it. 
Now, there are 2 downloads below; one for just the new meshes in the original colours, and one with the new colours plus the recolours for all items. Choose ONE download only! The archives contains the package file(s) and style images inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or WinZip, place the package file(s) in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy. 

New Meshes:

New Meshes and Recolours:


  1. As usual, a very nice addition to EA's stuff. I downloaded only the basic colours, and ended up downloading everything. Also, I didn't like the original NordShine double, it felt incomplete to me. Damn you for making such great stuff that fills up my mods folder to the brim, jaja. Thanks a lot for your hard work!!

  2. Don't mean to bother, and I don't know if you are aware of this (as it is not listed in the info), but the 3 seats sofa only has 2 usable places. I had several sims over to play videogames and two were seated in the left and the center, the other two were standing. When they left, I tried to sit my sim in every seat and he never sat on the right one. Just letting you know.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I ddidn't notice that issue. It should be an easy fix. I am doing a major cc update over hte next week or so, so I will add it to my list.

  3. Love your work! You make the best, most well done CC of all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for updating all of your CC - love your work! You are very talented and thanks for sharing with those of us who are not so talented!