Saturday 18 June 2022

Kitayama Bedroom - Japan-Scandi Fusion with 20 Items

Getting your mojo back can take a while, and man, is it taking a while. However I am taking it slowly and doing things that really inspire me. One of those things was a bedroom to go with Kitayama items I have already created. I like the Japanese-Scandinavian fusion (still not using the stupid ass name people came up with for that) and really wanted to expand on the idea. A bedroom was the perfect way. So here it is. I ended up doing more luxurious bedding option in the patterns from Kitayama which turned out lovely. 

What you need to know:
  • The headboards are separate so you can go headboardless, or as wide as you want
  • No toddler bed. Could you even imagine a safety frame on that base? because I couldn't
  • The wall-mounted furniture items are locked from moving up and down the walls
  • 28/7/2022: Updated bedding for pre-High School Years patch which caused beds to be non-functional and disappear upon placement
  • 20/8/2022: resolved issue with luxurious single bedding with incorrect specular and normalmap linking
The Build item/s feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 36 colour/style options
  • colour filter compatible
  • Find using the keyword "" using my tutorial here
  • custom thumbnails
  • Price and polycount:
    • Luxurious Bedding V1 ($1200, 1670 polys)
    • Luxurious Bedding V2 ($1100, 1238 polys)
    • Luxurious Single Bedding V1 ($325, 1264 polys)
    • Luxurious Single Bedding V2 ($300, 910 polys)
    • Slat bedframe($290, 888 polys)
    • Single slat bedframe ($160, 942 polys)
    • Slat headboard ($60, 225 polys)
    • Half moon headboard ($150, 331 polys)
    • Left- & right-hand floating table ($135, 81 polys)
    • Cutout side table ($150, 202 polys)
    • Cutout dresser ($665, 358 polys)
    • Cutout  wardrobe ($1015, 546 polys)
    • Tripod mirror ($140, 250 polys)
    • Yama armchair ($245, 1014 polys)
    • Yama Occasional bench ($395, 706 polys)
    • Cerama table lamp ($50, 508 polys)
    • Slender illumination ($110, 380 polys)
    • Arched views ($375, 274 polys)
    • Arched Horizon ($515, 485 polys)
Download from either of the below links. To install, if an archive, extract using WINZip/WinRAR/7Zip for PC or Unarchiver for Mac, and place the folder or package files in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. If you are having issues check out my Installing Content help page.


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  1. always so gorgeous ! thank you !

  2. Everything you make, I adore! Thank you for all you do, Peacy! ❣️☀️❣️

  3. Scandi was at least somewhat close but Japandi is just nuts if you ask me. :D This being said, I am glad you're back! :-)

  4. This looks amazing, thank you!!!

  5. This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for such beautiful creations <3

  6. Wow, this is so beautiful!

  7. I should have known telling myself that I'm not going to download anymore CC was pointless. Beautiful set, perfect for my current build.

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