Saturday, 18 November 2017

Cats and Dogs Siding - Recoloured with 44 Colour Options

I really enjoying the Cats and Dogs EP, especially the build content. However, the colour choices of the siding left a lot to be desired. So I recoloured it for more variety, and for use with my other siding too. Now I get so much more use out of all the walls with the added colour combos that are possible. I don't think i will need to make for siding for quite some time.

 Things you should know:

  1. I updated the auto trim walls so they now place a trim when you have a 1x1 corner. The original didn't do this and I prefer it for my own game.
  2. These package files are LARGE. This is something out of my hands. The reason is the textures EA made are 2-4 times larger then normal because they used the mural wall format. Bigger textures, bigger package size. Simple as that
  3. These require the EP. I say it below just just hammering the point in. 

The build mode item features:
  • Each wall except for the Palatial Planking comes in auto-trim and no trim variations
  • 44 colour options
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Walls found in Siding category of Build Mode
  • Costs $4 and Palatial Planking is $5
  • All wall heights
Below are the individual package files for the walls. Pick which ones you want to download. These are provided as normal package files so they can just be put straight into your mods folder. 

Cats and Dogs EP Siding:


  1. You really make sims 4 a more beautiful game! thank you :)

  2. I know this is super old, but I was just building a pinterest house with your boardnbaton siding. I needed some shingles and was so frustrated that the Cats and Dogs one was so blah. As such, I came looking to see if you had anything to help, and I'm SO thrilled you didn't let me down. You're a lifesaver!

  3. I always insist on making my tiny houses dark blue to reference the TARDIS, so this is a lifesaver.