Saturday, 23 July 2016


As you may have seen visiting my blog, I have been in the middle of a massive updating spree for my sets. This was mainly triggered by the lighting update that Maxis released which broke a lot of cc lights, but it was also an opportunity to update some minor issues as well. Graciously Georgian was the last set that needed updating, so you can no find all the updated items in their respective posts.

Remember, if you find an issue, please let me know. I don't catch everything and will try and help you figure out if its my content or an issue on your side. Just remember to be specific, I can't help if I have no information to go on.

Now back to cc making.


  1. Hey! I absolutely ADORE all of your creations and I have downloaded many of them but for some reason none would appear in my game... Do you have any idea why that would happen? I have been using CC for a while, so yes, I do know how to extract the files and where to put them... so I don't understand, and it's a pity because I'd love to use your content. Have a nice day, and thank you very much! You're amazing!

    1. generally the major issue why content doesn't show up is a game not being fully updated or improper mod folder setup. I keep my content up-to-date in relation to patches and so forth, but because of that it may not work on games not fully patched. I have a link at the top of the page on setting up a mods folder too so you can see how yours compares.