Sunday, 13 December 2015

Shaggy Waves - GT Female to Male Hair Conversion

It has been a while since I shared a hair with all of you. I guess I have had no need to make a lot of them given that there are more people working on content for guys these days (great news all around). However, when I got GT, I was not enamoured with any of the hairs on my favourite sim. I took a look at the female hairs and spotted this beauty that was ripe for conversion. So the first thing I did with the EP was not play it, but convert this hair XD It comes in all EA colours, and you have the option of downloading it with my natural shades. I have canned the unnaturals because they seem to be hit or miss depending on the hair texture. There is a little clipping which comes from these sorts of conversions, so be aware of that. Hair clips not matter what, so it is a tricky thing to fix. It is a little more noticeable on sims that have very narrow necks  and are really skinny with no muscle mass. I left it as-is because it really doesn't detract from this awesome hair for me.

Just a little note: this is not a basegame compatible hair. EA implemented coding like in TS2 and TS3 where content cloned from EP's are only usable by the people that own that particular pack. So to use this hair, YOU REQUIRE Get Together (it does not need to be installed though). I have no motivation to make this basegame compatible (not to mention the legal ramifications of converting EP/SP content for basegame use) so don't ask for it to be done, because I will not do it.

This hair features:
  • Requires Get Together EP
  • Available in all 18 basegame colours
  • Fully hat compatible
  • Additional 7 hair recolours:
                  Blonde: dirty, strawberry and platinum
                  Brown: light, medium-light, medium
                  Misc: white

There are 2 separate downloads for this hair, the package containing the mesh and basegame textures, and the package containing the mesh, basegame colours plus the additional recolours. You only need one package for the hair to work, you just need to decide if you want the additional hair colours or not. The archives also contain the colour preview image for reference (as seen above). The styles with the light blue border are the custom colours by me. Just extract the archive, and put the package file in your mods folder.

Basegame Colours:

Basegame and Addon Colours:


  1. tyvm for this I was hoping someone would convert this for males :D

  2. I would love it if you could upload the sim. :3 I'd love to have him in my game.

    1. Sorry, but he is a personal sim which I wont part with.