Thursday, 9 July 2015

UPDATED: Swept Away - Child Hair Conversion for Teen to Adult Guys

Update 9/07/2015: Due to mipmap issues, this hair was bugged in live mode when zooming out. This issues is now fixed so please redownload. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The patio stuff pack (now referred to as sexy time in a hot tub stuff pack) had one decent hair. It was also not an adult hair. It was a kid's hair (maybe EA does care about giving kids some nice things?). So because of that I needed it for my grown sims because we need more hair. I have seen a few other people convert/edit this hair recently, and I was very tempted not to share it, but I had a few people hope for it to be uploaded, so here it is. I did edit the hair a little bit. I found that the hair on the sides was a little too bulbous. Fine for a kids head that is a bit rounder, but didn't really look right on adults. I like the swept to the side look which I often do to my hair so enjoy.

Because this is a child hair conversion, there are no 'adult' colours like pink, green, purple, grey and the salt and pepper tones. It is hard to duplicate those colours, so I left it as it is. I also did not enable the hair for elders because of the lack of those grey colours. I have added some of my optional colours like I have done with previous hairs if you want them.

This hair features:
  • Basegame compatible
  • Available in all 9 basegame colours
  • Fully hat compatible
  • Additional 7 hair recolours:
                  Blonde: dirty, strawberry and platinum
                  Brown: light, medium-light, medium
                  Misc: white

There are 2 separate downloads for this hair, the package containing the mesh and basegame textures, and the package containing the mesh, basegame colours plus the additional recolours. You only need one package for the hair to work, you just need to decide if you want the additional hair colours. The archives also contain the colour preview image for reference (as seen above). The styles with the black border are the custom colours by me. Just extract the archive, and put the package file in your mods folder. It should show up.

Swept Away With Basegame Colours:

Swept Away With Basegame and Addon Colours:


  1. Hello...thank you sooo much for the conversion...the hair looks perfect on CAS screen but when we go to the live mode the hair becomes colorless (light yellow) without any textures...i really love this hair and hope that you can fix it...sorry for my bad english...thanks again :D

    1. Sorry about that, the hair has been fixed so please redownload :)

  2. Hi. Is this base game compatible? I do not have the stuff pack and the hair is not showing up.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, it is indeed basegame compatible. The hair shows up in a game without patio stuff. Make sure your mods folder is properly structured and you extracted it from the archive, and that your game is up-to-date.

  3. You're probably not gonna answer after all this time but im gonna ask you anyway :v
    Can you put this sim for download plssss
    (forgive me if i commented twice my browser is acting funny)

    1. I always keep an eye on comments on my blog. As for uploading that particular sim, sorry but he is a personal sim I play with and those i don't upload.

    2. Aaawww you're the second person that deny me a Sim, but i understand how you feel,anyway thank you for taking some time to answer me, also i love that hair.