Saturday, 16 May 2015

Peace's Sim Dump 01

Welcome to Peacy’s first sim dump! Thought this would never happen, right? So did I. I get really attached to my sims since they have a bit of my personality in each of them, it is hard to let them go. But you know what? I think I can share some of them, and I hope they find some wonderful new homes. These are sims I use occasionally for modelling and projects, or I made them just as a way to relax. They are not part of my 'inner circle' of sims that I play regularly. I wont share those openly. That is like asking for my liver or right kidney; it ain't gonna happen. So if you can't see them here, you are unfortunately out of luck. Anyway, enough of that, lets get to the sims. I have put this under a read more because it is a bit long.

These sims will not be available on the gallery. I refuse to use it after they implemented the cc update that hides everything (not the mention the crap amount of space I need to direct people to find the cc needed). So you will have to download and install manually. If you ask for them to be put on the gallery, the answer will be no. It is not happening.

To install, simply extract the files to Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Tray. The Tray folder is where all your library items are kept, so this is where you extract the archives. Do not put these files in your mods folder. They will not show up. All cc needs to be downloaded separately. Most of it is mine, but some stuff isn't. If you don't have the content, the sim will still show up, just minus that item.

Finally, a TOU. You are free to use these sims in your stories, games etc without restriction (if you are on tumblr, you can @ tag me too, I would love to see them running a-muck in your games). I would prefer if traits are kept intact, but you are free to change them, same with their clothing, hair etc. You can use them as a base sim, but you need to credit me if you reupload that sim. Do not claim these as your own or reupload them (don't be that person). I have no idea who they are attracted to either, so sexuality isn't set. Also, if they are weird, let them be weird. That is all.

Damian Hassler: Mediafire | Onedrive
"This good boy holds onto his childish innocence as he pursues his love of all that is food and drink. Maybe its a coping mechanism for something else? Who knows."

Aspiration: Master Mixologist
Traits: Goofball | Foody | Outgoing
EP/GP: Get To Work
Required CC:
Rusty Pixie Curl Edit | LumiaLovesims Jaw Stubble | Square-Cut TankSurf's Up Boardshorts Slouchie Sweatpants | Simsinspring Freckles

Tyler Howell: Mediafire | Onedrive
"Don't just judge this bro by his cover. He is a sweetheart underneath. Even if you don't like him, he probably doesn't care."

Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Traits: Active | Bro | Self-assured
EP/GP: Get To Work
Required CC:
3/4 Sleeve V-neck Baseball Tee | Surf's Up Boardshorts | V-neck Baseball Tee | Slouchie Sweatpants | Darkside skincolour set

Cypress Evergreen: Mediafire | Onedrive
"Just a sim of colour trying to make it in the world. Will you love the adorable cutie?"

Aspiration: Freelance Botanists
Traits: Cheerful | Creative | Loner
EP/GP: Outdoor Retreat
Required CC:
Surf's Up Boardshorts | V-neck Baseball Tee | Slouchie Sweatpants

Izaiah Hartford: Mediafire | Onedrive
"Izaiah is romantic, active and loves the outdoors. What else could this guy have? What about wanting to find his true love? All he needs now is a bow on top."

Aspiration: Soulmate
Traits: Loves the Outdoors | Active | Romantic
EP/GP: Outdoor Retreat
Required CC:
Buckled Up Jeans | Keeping It Simple Tee | Surf's Up Boardshorts | Slouchie Sweatpants | Sleek Pompadour | Simsinspring Freckles | Darkside Skincolour Set

Henry Walker: Mediafire | Onedrive
"Henry is a family man without a family. Will you help him fulfill his wish?"

Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Traits: Cheerful | Romantic | Bookworm
EP/GP: None
Required CC:
LumiaLoverSims Short and Preppy Hair | 99Simproblems Shadow Trimmed Facial Hair | Buckled Up Jeans | Slouchie Sweatpants | V-neck Sweater

Recommended CC for all Sims:
These are the default replacements I have but they are not needed but may affect the way a sim looks.

Simleigh Play with Eyes (simblr deactivated) | Kijiko Skin Overhaul

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