Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Shawl Collar Jackets - Three Styles

This week is a big week. I actually never thought it would come and that these jackets would forever be a WIP. But the day has finally come to release them into the wild (sims community) to frolic about and find some wonderful new homes. They have been a restless and troublesome bunch, with mesh gaps, unruley morphs, and normalmap issues, but I have straightened them out into almost well behaved meshes. I hope you enjoy them as much as me now I can actually use them, rather then dreading having to fix another tiny issue every time I put them in my game.
The jackets feature:
  • Basegame compatibility
  • 4 recolourable channels for the shirt and tie, and the casual vest versions (jacket, lapel, shirt and tie/vest)
  • 3 recolourable channels for the open shirt variant (jacket, lapel, and shirt)
  • Found in everyday, formalwear, career and outerwear categories of CAS
  • 1 preset style per variant with custom thumbnails
The only issue I have encountered is with the long coat tail. Sometimes certain pants with big butts clip through them, but its at a very tight angle, like sitting down. So it should generally be hidden. 
The archives, as usual, contain both the sim3pack and package files along with the preview pictures. Just choose the file type you prefer and delete the rest. There is no archive which contains all 3 variants, they will need to be downloaded individually. Thank you, and enjoy :)

Download Shirt and Tie variant:

Download Casual Vest variant:

Download Open Shirt variant:


  1. Obrigada por compartilhar o seu trabalho é simplesmente MARAVILHOSO e PERFEITO! Tenho todas as suas criações no meu jogo.