Friday, 6 November 2015

Birch You! - Set of Birch Paintings

Update 06/11/2015: I have updated this recolour to be compatible with the style tool so it no longer throws sript errors. I have also added 2 new styles as well.
These are some paintings that were inspired by the release of the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. When I was building my cabin, I wanted some wilderness artwork for the walls and I have always loved birch trees. i tracked down these images and I think they turned out quite well. 

The Build/Buy item feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 8 images in both black and white frames
  • custom thumbnails
  • Costs $200
The archive contains the  package file and cover image. Extract the archive and place the package file in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.



  1. I probably wouldn't gotten this if it wasn't for the clever name to be honest.

  2. Love these!! Thank you so much!!