Saturday, 21 January 2017


Updated 21/01/2017: With the toddler patch breaking a few things, I have taken the opportunity and gone through and updated my sets to fix issues and generally improve on some things. I have fixed seat rigging for toddlers, and added new toddler tags to objects.

UPDATE 6/07/2016: NOX needed a few updates besides fixing the chairs and tables for the Dine Out Update, these include:

  • chairs correctly flagged to be used in restaurants
  • Dining tables now have correct slots for use in restaurants (i.e. snap to booths and for colouring placemats)
  • Dining Chair had weird glitch where it stretched at some angles, was remade and added black leather option. Will have to be re-placed in your games due to new IDs
  • Pendant light emission height has been corrected for all styles; originally all at same height which was not correct
  • Pendant lights priced based on type, not length, new, clearer thumbnails
  • re-did slots on sideboard and tree shelf. Objects placed on slots will need to be re-placed, but not the surface objects themselves

Modernist furniture is my favourite styles of furniture. It is crisp, simple, elegant and functional. It can also be curvaceous and sexy too. I guess that is why I love making it for my game. This set tackles a very much neglected part of the interior: the dining room. I wanted to make something that was streamlined and elegant, and was less clunky then a lot of the existing dining tables and matching items in the game. I think I succeeded at what I set out to accomplish. This also marks another milestone, both for my blog and tumblr, so it is a special way to mark that too. Thank you to everyone for the support.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 21 meshes in total with between 16 and 40 colour/style options
    - Fractal Silhouettes Paintings (6 prints in 4 colours each)
    - Through the Teardrop (24 colours)
    - Geometric Vase 01 (24 colours)
    - Geometric Vase 02 (24 colours)
    - Geometric Vase 03 (24 colours)
    - Origami Ball (24 colours)
    - 6 Seat Dining Table (20 colours)
    - 8 Seat Dining Table (20 colours)
    - Dining Chair (16 wood colours, 2 leather colours (updated))
    - Bucket Dining Chair (24 colours)
    - Sideboard (20 colours)
    - Tree Shelf (40 colours)
    - Pendant 01 in Three Heights (40 colours)

    - Pendant 02 in Three Heights (40 colours)

    - Pendant 03 in Three Heights (40 colours)
  • find items easily using phrase "NOX Dining Set" in search bar
  • style (under "modern") and colour filter compatible
  • custom thumbnails
  • Style tool compatible
  • Pricing  and polycount as follows:
    Fractal Silhouettes Paintings ($200, 72 polys)
    - Through the Teardrop ($100, 310 polys)
    - Geometric Vase 01 ($65, 138 polys)
    - Geometric Vase 02 ($60, 186 polys)
    - Geometric Vase 03 ($55, 186 polys)
    - Origami Ball ($100, 400 polys)
    - 6 Seat Dining Table ($350, 180 polys)
    - 8 Seat Dining Table ($600, 180 polys)
    - Dining Chair ($120, 558 polys)
    - Bucket Dining Chair ($150, 1084 polys)**
    - Sideboard ($350, 514 polys)
    - Tree Shelf ($150, 428 polys)
    - Pendant 01 in Three Heights ($151/$152/$153, 1062 polys)**

    - Pendant 02 in Three Heights ($156/$157/$158, 1462 polys)**

    - Pendant 03 in Three Heights ($161/$162/$163, 1302 polys)**
**Note: Some of these items can be considered "High Poly" such as the pendants and bucket chair. So if your computer can't handle high poly items, install at your own risk. Curves are notorious for needing extra polys to look smooth, so it is the trade-off when creating.

CC credits (all other cc is mine):
Now, there are 2 download links. One for a combined package with all 21 items, and another with all packages separated. The archives contains the  package files and style images inside a folder. Extract the archive and place the package file(s) in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.

Download Merged Collection:

Download Separated Item Collection:

I have also uploaded the files individually for those with the separated packages to download the items separately. There will be no alternate download for these individual files. 
Download Individual Items:


  1. thank you for this beautiful set :))

  2. Absolutely love this set. Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. where did you get the fractal silhouette art?

    1. I saw something similar while searching google, however there was only one style, so I made these myself with cutouts from images then overlayed them with a geometric pattern :)

  4. Absolutely love this set.I got my best one. Thanks for sharing.