Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rosenbaum House: the Last Usonian

Well it was coming, the end of what i would say is my favourite series of homes so far, my Usonian series. Today i bring you a build that is based on the house said to be the purist expression of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture style, Rosenbaum House. 

What's Inside:

- large open plan living area
- sunken lounge
- study
-3 bedrooms
- 2 bathrooms
- atrium
- lap pool
- hot tub
- pond
- double garage


This house has been designed for 332 Silverstone Way in Bridgeport. Due to it being on a 50x50 lot, if you wish to place it elsewhere, go into edit town made and place the lot size or even drop it on an unused 60x60 lot in one of the towns you have.


for more pictures check out the slideshow here

Custom Content:

there is no third party cc used in this build. items come from EP/SP's or the TS3 store

Expansion/Stuff Packs Used:

- World Adventures
- Ambitions
- Late Night
- High End Loft Stuff

Store Items Used:

Items from the following sets have been used:
- Collectionne Stancke
- Glitter and Glam
- Ultra Lounge (stairs)
- BahHaus
- Haute Hip (rose painting)

Well thats it from me right now. i hope you enjoy the house as much as i did testing it and playing it as well. 


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful lot Peace. It has a lovely modern and elegant feel. You've always been an amazing builder. :)

  3. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  4. The best to the best.