Monday, 25 October 2010

The Galveston: A Contemporary Home

Here is my latest build to share with the community. I have quite a few WIPs at the moment but i have had this one for a while now and thought i would spruce it up and see if people are interested in it.

This home is modelled after the apartment used by Luis Lopez in GTAIV TBoGT. It is an open plan space perfect for a contemporary house and i decided to take that idea and create a house from it. The Galveston is the end result.

It Features:

-open plan living area
-double bedroom
-outdoor entertainment area
-single garage
-lush landscaping


Furnished: $74,143
Unfurnished: $53,923

Expansion/Stuff Packs Used:

-World Adventures Expansion Pack
-Ambitions Expansion Pack
-Fast Lane Stuff Pack

Well i hope you enjoy this build. I have another waiting the half walls of the Nate Night EP so that will be up next weekend. Until then, enjoy