Monday, 7 January 2019

Google Drive Alternate Links Added

While SFS is down and Onedrive is complaining about overuse, I have added Google Drive links to items until the issues are resolved. I have not added them to lots though, you can grab those off the gallery or wait for things to get fixed on SFS side.

If I have missed anything post ON THIS POST and i will add it as needed.

Edit: Only the merged file has an alternate link. If you want the separated you will have to download that or wait. I will not be adding and alternative for it since the merged is the preferred file download.


  1. Thank you Peacemaker!

  2. Do you know if your Hexagon tiles and subway wallpaper interferes with anything? It doesn't appear in my game and i'm so sad! It worked on my other computer

    1. I don't have any issues and they have never been updated. You definitely extracted the archive?

  3. Google drive link for fireplace not active here: Thanks for all the awesome content! Not sure I'd want to play my game without.