Thursday, 8 September 2016

Don't reupload or include my content in a download behind money-generating URL shorteners!

I should not have to state this, its in my TOU. Please read it and familiarise yourself. Don't be a dick and ignore it. I spend time here because I love the creation process but people that do this shit slowly taints it for me. So don't be a dick and include my content in a download behind a url-shortener designed to generate money for YOU. That is just plain ass greedy benefiting from someone else's hard work.

This will fall on deaf ears and if I deem it so, i will have the content removed for violation. I don't care if you have 50K subscribers on YT and they want you to upload the content. There is no excuse so stop making them.


  1. It is a copy right violation for people to do so and they could very well be sued for damages and monies. Good for you. Keep doing what your doing. I love your stuff!

  2. Such a shame you would even have to make this post, but I'm glad you did. Your work is sensational, and you should be getting the credit you deserve! Thank you for making your work available for us to use, those of us who truly appreciate it, will do all we can ensure we are following your TOU. :) Best Wishes!