Friday, 15 July 2016

Temporary Download for Lighting after July 15 Patch

I have added a download for all lights that threw a script call failed error from the recent patch for those that don't know how to use, or can't use Sims 4 Studio to update their own files. I call these temporary as they have just been run through the batch fix to change out the tuning ID's. The candles haven't been fully updated and are not included. I will need to create a new tuning resource so they can take advantage of the new lighting options, but in the mean time, they still work, but wont be affected by the lighting-by-room functionality. They are only available on simfileshare as individual packages. I will update the merged packages as I get time since that will require quite a bit to get them all fixed due to the size of the merged files and will try to carry out additional updates for those sets at the same time.

Updated Lighting:

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