Sunday, 17 July 2016

PSA on Object Sets

  1. With all these updates I am doing (some forcibly), I am also slowly adding links to folders on simfileshare where you can download the files from a set individually. You will need to check out the original posts for this link or my blogger for older content I have released. I have only added this to Atwood Living so far, but all sets will have it in the future when i get to it (my net is going to hate me). 
  2. I am re-evaluating whether to offer merged files into the future. It is yet another item i have to upload and quite frankly, merging is easy to do yourself, and the benefit of merging is not always noticeable. So don’t be surprised if i no longer offer the option in the future. If you want to merge your files and you can run a windows program (either on a windows computer or a partitioned Mac), then check out sims 4 studio because it couldn’t be easier. 
  3. I hate updating cc, but if you find an issue, be sure to tell me because there is one thing i hate more then updating cc, and that is updating cc multiple times. 
  4. Did I mention i hate having to update cc?

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